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Hip Hop

Casual: Smash Rockwell Casual: Smash Rockwell...$9

Fat Joe: Get It Poppin Fat Joe: Get It Poppin...$4

LL Cool J: I Cant Live Without My Radio LL Cool J: I Can't Live Without My Radio...$6

LL Cool J: Paradise LL Cool J: Paradise...$4

Ludacris: Release Therapy Ludacris: Release Therapy...$9

Mack 10: Hustla's Handbook Mack 10: Hustla's Handbook...$9

Tony Touch: The Piece Maker 2 Tony Touch: The Piece Maker 2...$9

Tribe Called Quest: Bonita Applebum Tribe Called Quest: Bonita Applebum...$6.25

Twista: Day After Twista: The Day After...$9

Rock, Etc

Culture: Cultural Livity Culture: Cultural Livity...$12

Dream Team: Discipline Dream Team: Discipline...$6

Tombs: Savage Gold Tombs: Savage Gold...$30

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