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We accept Paypal, check or money order.

  You can use the shopping cart system by simply clicking the 'buy' button
for each item you want to purchase. When you check out, you can choose your
method of payment. If you use Paypal, your items will be shipped right away.
If you choose check or money order, we need to receive payment by mail before
the items will be shipped.

  If you prefer not to use the shopping cart system, you can order by mail. Details
are below.

  The shopping cart adds U.S. shipping rates. If you are ordering from outside the
U.S., you can still use the shopping cart but you will be contacted by email
with the remaining amount of shipping you owe. If you want the shipping rates
before you order, simply contact us with the items you want to purchase and we
will calculate your shipping. Thanks.

Check or Money Order:
Write checks to Breakdown Records
    Please list:
  1. Each item you're ordering & prices
  2. Shipping (see rates below)
  3. Total
  4. Name & address
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Send to:
Breakdown Records
101 E. State St #168
Ithaca, NY 14850

It is helpful to email ahead with your order:

Shipping Rates: United States

CDs: $2.50 each
Records (single LP): $4 each
Records (2 LP): $7.50 each
Records (7"): $2.50 each
Cassettes: $1.50 each
Comics: $1.50 each
Comics (oversized): $3.50 each
Comics (trade paper back): $6.25 each
Zines (5.5"x 8.5"): $1.50 each
Zines (8.5"x 11"): $2 each
Zines (free): No Shipping

Other countries, please contact us for shipping rates.

Other Info:

Quantity: We only have one copy of each item listed on this site, except for most zines. You can
order any number of most zines.

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Ithaca, NY
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